My articles for Sonra Intelligence

Apache Airflow

Using Apache Airflow to build reusable ETL on AWS Redshift

Apache Kafka + Spark Streaming + Redshift

Streaming Tweets to Snowflake Data Warehouse with Spark Structured Streaming and Kafka

Advanced Spark Structured Streaming – Aggregations, Joins, Checkpointing

Snowflake Data Warehouse + Advanced SQL + Cloud data warehousing

Loading Data into Snowflake Data Warehouse and performance of joins

Caching in Snowflake Data Warehouse

The top 10+1 things we love about Snowflake

Learn Window Functions on Snowflake. Become a cloud data warehouse superhero

SpaceX Performance for Snowflake with Clustering Keys

Create your own custom aggregate (UDAF) and window functions in Snowflake


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A Data Engineer based in London, United Kingdom
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