GSOC: Week 12

This week I have manged to get the grip of Kerberos and successfully configured and used it on my local machine development environment. I also adapted the application level code for using Kerberos. Soon that will also be deployed and tested in real environment.

I have also worked on the deployment of the whole project and have tested JAR files for each of the sub-projects to check if they work together. The next step there is deployment onto the server.

What I did this week:

  • Installed and configured kerberos on a local machine using docker and cloudera quickstart
  • Wrote a guide for enabling kerberos on the remote cluster 
  • Almost finished with deploying the project to the server
  • Wrote documentation on the code/project

What I aim to do next week:

  • Write project documentation ( and etc.)
  • Write the project summary
  • Explore possible progress tracking (atleast for neural network training using dl4j)


  • None

About dorianbg

A Data Engineer based in London, United Kingdom
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