GSOC: Week 11

This weekend I worked on improving the application. I managed to implement the configuration screens for DecisionTrees as well as Random Forests. The back-end configuration handlers were implemented as well. I also worked on improving the job tracking and started the deep learning/neaural network implementation.

What I did this week:

  • Implemented DecisionTreeConfigScreen and RandomForestConfigScreen within EEG_WorkflowGUI project to allow the user to configure the mentioned classifier
  • Implemented configuration handling for DecisionTree and RandomForest classifiers
  • Added the log button which checks in real-time the logs of a job
  • Fixed the job information segment of the JobTrackingPanel for classifiers which were loaded, now the implementation looks at historical logs for the correct information
  • Created REST services for sending a list of saved classifies, getting the original configuration of a classifier which the user decided to save, added REST API for cancelling a job
  • Developer basic IClassifier implementation of a neural network in the Spark_EEGAnalysis project

What I aim to do next week:

  • Finish the work on the neural network classifier 
  • Test the application neural network classifier
  • Try to install and configure kerberos on a local machine using docker and cloudera quickstart


  • Waiting on requirements definition for neural network/deep learning methods

About dorianbg

A Data Engineer based in London, United Kingdom
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